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  • Bird and Margaret Van Leer complete construction of Broadview Mansion.

  • Bird Van Leer passes away at age 66.

  • Construction completed on bell tower Margaret Van Leer had built to honor her husband. Tower dedicated on Sept. 29, 1940.

  • Mrs Van Leer passes away at 79 and endows the property to the Immanuel Bible Foundation (IBF).

  • IBF begins the Men’s Lenten Breakfast.

  • The 10 bells in the tower are removed and replaced with an audio system, which is currently inactive.

  • IBF starts the Women’s Christmas Celebration.

  • IBF initiates the Van Leer Legacy Award.

  • Through the work of IBF and the Town of Normal, Broadview Mansion is placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Van Leer Center sponsors Bluegrass & Brass on the Grass and Christmas concerts in the Mansion. And, Broadview Mansion begins hosting Holiday Open Houses.

  • A historic bell weighing 2,000 pounds from Second Presbyterian Church, similar to the largest bell that originally hung in the Bell Tower, is installed at the base of the Tower.

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