Our focus:

  1. The creation of The Van Leer Center, which will offer music, art, and creative expression events to the community.
  2. The preservation of Broadview Mansion and the Van Leer legacy to include community awareness, education and involvement.
  3. The continuation of connection and faith-based study for the community in the form of bible studies and major outreach events such as the yearly Women's Christmas Celebration and the Men's Lenten Breakfast.


Enriching our community through faith and study, music and art, and historical preservation.


Preserving the Van Leer legacy and inspiring individuals to reach their God-given potential by welcoming our community and enriching lives through faith-based study and events, music, art, and creative expression, and historical preservation and education.


  • Peter Brandt - President
  • Katie Black – Vice President
  • Annette Klinzing - Executive Director
  • David Strand – Immediate Past President
  • Angel Ambrose Buchberger
  • Gayle Dustman
  • Jan Godbey
  • Steve Parker
  • Nancy Gordon Phillips
  • Denny Steele
  • John Meek